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  • Сб, 14:08: RT @JanDilsAttorney: The process to be approved for #SSDI after becoming disabled can often take so long your bills will pile up. http:/ ...
  • Сб, 14:09: RT @WisDems: More than 40,000 people rallied in Madison today recall Scott Walker: http://t.co/4NL2mODX #wirecall #wiunion
  • Сб, 14:11: RT @TheGoatlyChew: No matter what it is Corporate News is going to find a way of blaming Obama, poor people, & anyone who doesn't make o ...
  • Сб, 14:11: RT @MarisaOConnor: I remember learning that the right to peaceful protest was a pretty important part of being a U.S. citizen. #disillus ...
  • Сб, 14:12: RT @Margoandhow: This is really not good. The targets? Students sitting peacefully w arms interlocked heavily pepper-sprayed. http://t ...
  • Сб, 14:12: RT @SenatorSanders: The US spends about 4 dollars on goods & services from China for every dollar that China spends on goods & services ...
  • Сб, 14:13: RT @thehill: Supercommittee slows to a standstill as clock ticks down http://t.co/BqBDz85x
  • Сб, 14:56: RT @hardknoxfirst: I got teargassed at 14 years old protesting Vietnam. I'll get teargassed at 56 protesting greed, injustice & police b ...
  • Сб, 14:56: RT @Margoandhow: The problem with Mitt destroying top staff emails from his governorship (& wiping the server) is the question: what did ...
  • Сб, 14:57: Today dburr is cooking his famous pulled pork for a bday party tomorrow. The challenge: not eating any of it today!
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